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We were contacted from people all over the world for information on how to get these toys for their child. Since the adaptation process is so simple most people can do it and also very affordable, we believed the best option was to teach them. We created how to guides, emailed, and set up phone or in person meetings.  It was a big success. We have had two other organizations start making their own switch toys for children in their communities and many parents make toys for their children. Being contacted from all over the country and world made us realize how far the disparity went for children in need of switch toys to be able to play just like their peers. We decided we needed to find a way to take our idea and develop more SWITCHED chapters.


Interested in starting a chapter in your area? Click Here


Pascale's Pals Project Switched

We started the original SWITCHED chapter in Columbia, MO through a local charity devoted to helping children in their community that are in the hospital, Pascales Pals...


Rockhurst University

Our next SWITCHED chapter was started at Rockhurst University through their Department of Occupational Therapy. .


Join us and help start a location in your area. Find a university, hospital, or other organization to host a SWITCHED chapter in your area. We will then help your organization through the process with manuals, instructions, and personal support. The more sites we can create the more lives we can change. Help us make play possible for all children everywhere.

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