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Making Play Possible

At Switched Adapted Toys, we're dedicated to making play possible for children with disabilities. Our mission is to provide resources, how-to videos, and adapted toys that empower children of all abilities to play, learn, and grow.

Switch adapted toy modification. Solder a headphone jack to the circuit board of a toy to make it more accessible for children with disabilities

The Power of Inclusive Play

Inclusive play isn't just about fun; it's about growth, learning, and social connection. Children of all abilities deserve the chance to explore their world and build essential skills through play. Inclusive play promotes:

Enhanced Cognitive Development

Access to switch-adapted toys can stimulate cognitive development in children with disabilities. These toys encourage problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking skills as children learn to interact with and manipulate their environment through switches.

Increased Independence

Switch-adapted toys empower children with disabilities to play independently. This independence not only boosts their confidence but also allows them to explore and learn at their own pace.

Improved Motor Skills

Switch-adapted toys can be particularly beneficial for children with physical disabilities. Using switches to control toys can help improve fine and gross motor skills as children learn to coordinate their movements and develop muscle strength and control.

Enhanced Communication and Social Interaction

Access to adapted toys can promote social interaction and communication skills among children with disabilities. These toys can be used as tools for joint play, fostering connections between children and their peers, siblings, or caregivers.

Girl with special needs in pink glasses playing with a switch adapted toy.


A SWITCHED chapter is a local community initiative dedicated to making play accessible for children with disabilities. These chapters, formed by passionate individuals or groups, engage in activities like adapting toys and providing toys and resources at no charge to their community. While operating independently, SWITCHED chapters receive support from Switched Adapted Toys to create a more inclusive world for children with disabilities.

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If you prefer a hassle-free solution, explore our Switch Adapted Toy Etsy Shop. We offer a curated selection of expertly modified toys, ready for play, ensuring convenience for those who want to make inclusive playtime effortless.

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