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Pascale's Pals Project Switched

Columbia, MO, USA

Pascale's Pals Project Switched: Pioneering Inclusivity Since 2017

Pascale's Pals Project Switched, our very first SWITCHED chapter, holds a special place in our hearts as the birthplace of Switched Adapted Toys. Founded in 2017 by Rachel Hughes PT/DPT, Dana Chole PT/DPT, PCS, and her husband, Eric Chole this remarkable chapter has been a beacon of hope in Columbia, MO.

As an integral part of Pascale's Pals, a local nonprofit dedicated to brightening the lives of children in area hospitals, this chapter goes above and beyond. Every year, they host a heartwarming Christmas toy giveaway, ensuring that caregivers of children with special needs can select adapted toys free of charge. This event isn't just about toys; it's about creating unforgettable memories, often featuring an adapted meet Santa Claus experience for these children.

With unwavering dedication, Pascale's Pals Project Switched has adapted and generously given away over 1,500 toys, providing joy and inclusivity to countless families. Their legacy of love and commitment continues to inspire us all.

Dana Chole, PT/DPT, PCS
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